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Audrey Loughran Fitness Coach
I began a career in fitness almost 20 years ago as a water aerobics instructor and a group fitness instructor while I was in college and looking for something fun and rewarding to do outside of school. A competitive swimmer since the age of 9, I’ve always had a passion for fitness and sports.  After graduating from Pennsylvania State University, I took a break from teaching fitness classes to focus on a career in Human Resources.  While working as a Human Resources Project Manager, I became pregnant with my first child.  While I had never been intimidated by the gym, I was a little apprehensive about how to workout safely and effectively while pregnant. I sought out the expertise of a certified prenatal personal trainer at my local gym and began working with her 3 times per week.  Working with a prenatal personal trainer readied me for the biggest physical challenge of my life – a drug free natural labor that lasted almost 18 hours.  After my daughter was born, I decided to leave the corporate world and follow my fitness passion.
In 2009, I began my career as a personal trainer at NYSC in Manhattan. My clients ages, fitness levels and goals varied widely. I enjoyed working with clients that were on a weight loss journey as well as those that were looking for different ways to challenge their bodies.
My training approach is a one on one experience that is tailored with specific exercises that focus on each client’s goals and needs. I am also certified in pre and post natal instruction. Since a strong core is vital for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy and delivery, my program follows the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) guidelines. These guidelines promote exercises that concentrate on core training; primarily focusing on women’s transverse abdominals and strengthening the pelvic floor and kegel muscles as well as the lower back.
Whatever your personal fitness goals are, I can personalize our training sessions to meet them.
Yael GottehrerFitness Manager
My fitness career started about five years ago while I was working as a business developer and fitness manager for Better Health Studios. Prior to the inception of Better Health Studios and through its growth, I spent most of my time as a special education therapist in our community. Working with children and making tremendous strides in progress was extremely rewarding, however it was challenging to “dance at two weddings” and to be a devoted mother. I therefore gave up teaching and decided to invest my time in making a difference on a larger scale. After spending numerous hours on self-development and continuing education, I have been priviliaged to experience the wonders of human potential. I was therefore inspired to create Queen Fitness to share the power of success with women who are the source of tranquility in their home. Currently, I develop the systems at Queen Fitness and Better Health Studios to ensure quality services to its members. Furthermore, I am here to inspire and provide support in every way to each of our members and to our dedicated team to bring our members results and tangible progress.
Julia MChild Care
Julia has been a teacher in a kindergarten in Israel for four years. Her sincere love and appreciation for children is visible when she first sees a child. Julia spends time playing with child care members on the carpeted floor with the toys Queen Fitness supplies. Julia loves when children laugh so she will give them a good time to make sure they giggle.

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