Something For Everyone No Matter The Goal

Personal Training

Personal Training with a Queen Fitness Coach is the sure way to ensure long term fitness and exercise success.

Personal Training

You’ll start with a strategy session where we will evaluate your movements and assess your strengths and restrictions. From there we will develop a training strategy based on your needs, specific goals and schedule. The Queen Fitness Coaches have trained many people from different walks of life including athletes, injury rehabilitators, seniors, kids, and everyone in between. The following results have been typical: Improved functional strength and performance, raised metabolism, reduced body fat levels, reduced joint pain and better health!

Semi Private Personal Training

Semi Private training is personal training in which you share the session time with up to two additional friends.

Semi Private Personal Training

It provides for a support group where the members motivate one another as well as enjoying an affordable rate. Each member has their own individualized program based on their goals which is utilized during the session. The training and exercises are programmed to elicit maximum results and fun!

Small Group Personal Training (SGT)

Group Coaching Sessions consists of about 6-8 members who workout simultaneously to elicit maximum results

Small Group Personal Training (SGT)

Our Fitness coaches provide invigorating workouts that target your cardiovascular strength, fat loss and muscular fitness. Members workout on the same program that is designed on a monthly basis. SGT are fun, different and provide momentum to help you stay on the track of reaching your goals.

Program Design Service

Our Program Design Service is perfect for those who would like to use our methodologies, but are unable to get to Queen Fitness Boutique.

Program Design Service

It is typically set up for the intermediate/advanced trainee. The client receives a strategy session, a written program to take with them and a 50 minute session once per month. All aspects of exercise including stability, resistance training, core strength and cardio-endurance are addressed in the program.

How Can I Join?

Trial Membership.

Everyone who is considering joining Queen Fitness Boutique has the opportunity to do so for 15 days for only $99.99. We’d love for you to work with our Fitness coaches and other members for 15 DAYS, with no further obligation. The Trail Membership includes two semi-private sessions, 6 SGT and UNLIMITED access to the boutique during business hours for 15 days. You can be sure you will have a worthwhile experience after each visit to Queen Fitness Boutique. Customer satisfaction is assured with the additional services that we offer at our boutique.

  • Fresh Laundered Towels

  • Ice cold filtered spring water

  • Gym clothing can be purchased to assure comfortable workouts ie. t-shirts, and Leggings

  • Supplements and workout accessories

  • Locker Rentals to keep your belongings safe and organized during your workouts

  • Refreshing Drinks, protein milkshakes located at the front desk

  • Juice Bar featuring a variety of delicious shakes to help you replenish yourself before & after workout.

Limited Sessions Available!

Our goal is to provide 50 serious clients with the most comprehensive & professional health, fitness, & weight loss programs available today. With over 27,000 personal training sessions completed over the last 6 years & the best guarantee in personal training, you can be confident that we will help you achieve your goals the fastest & safest way possible. We guarantee your results. Contact us today to be 1 of 50!

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